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Enhancing Parcel Title by
Re-Thinking Parcel Boundary

This third annual conference revisits traditional assumptions about the nature of boundaries and how we conceptualize them. New mindsets are introduced so as to better align with what the courts do and conclude. The format of this full-day event consists of a series of speakers focusing on topics of interest to both lawyers and surveyors. >> more

The online version of this seminar explores the duties and obligations of those governed by and administering the regulated profession statutes such as the Surveyors Act, the Professional Engineers Act or the Professional Geoscientists Act. Topics relate the various acts, principles, structures and processes of Administrative Law to the professional’s practice as well as to the workings of council and statutory committees of the profession.  >> more

This self-paced course explores all aspects surrounding the preparation of the professional land surveyor in Canada to assist — as an expert witness — the decision maker in a legal proceeding.  >> more

This webinar explores several problem scenarios and outlines solutions in working with lawyers and real estate agents to avoid and resolve disputes.  >> more

This webinar provides a review of the legal framework by which liability to third parties can arise and makes suggestions for how to reduce the risks.  >> more

Survey Law 1 provides a foundation for professional surveyors to integrate legal principles, legislation and regulations within the overall framework of property boundary surveys in Ontario.  >> course syllabus

In light of recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions, this presentation proposes a “re-think” of traditional approaches to ownership, title and boundaries to accommodate diversity of land tenure and over-lapping of interests with respect to the same “place”.  >> more

This comprehensive treatment of the principles of boundary law lies at the intersection of law and land surveying. Although the textbook has its foundation in the law of real property in Canadian common law jurisdictions, it is intended as a resource which bridges the two professions.  >> more

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